Ruben and Moxy have been friends since the day they met (still fact-checking this), and through five years of professional music and personal friendship interactions - involving, mostly, tacos - they discovered their strong connection was not only entertaining to observe (from a distance, of course), but also provided an abnormally delightful on-air experience for the listener.
After over a year of joking over tacos about starting a podcast, Ruben decided to take matters into his own hands on do it for real, focusing it on one core aspect of Moxy’s life: her friendships.

Though she considers Ruben her best friend, she also considers her guitarist(s), her roommates, a few old homeschool friends, musicians at school, tacos, and some Mormon boys she met on a cruise ship 7 years ago her “best friends.” Ruben couldn’t stand for that.

So, we suppose, the purpose of this podcast is to interview guests about their lives and professions, learn more about them, inquire about their favorite tacos, and ask them the question “Can you have more than one best friend?” Then, Moxy and Ruben will let the world in on their friendship as they discuss pop culture stories, play games, eat tacos, talk about big ideas, and, mainly, just be Moxy and Ruben.